League Rulebook/Info
HDRL utilizes the NASCAR Heat (Heat Core) Game Engine. Download Heat Core

Series Day / Time Length Realism / Wear Setups Mod
TourSport Touring - 50 Min Expert - 1x Fixed Lotus Elise/Exigie
Vintage Muscle Friday, 8:30 PM EST 35 Min Hardcore - 3x Open Vintage Trans AM 3.0
Weekend Warriors - Late Model Sportsmen Tuesday, 8:30 PM EST 20 Min Hardcore - 2x Open HMS Late Model Sportsmen
Weekend Warriors - Weekly Racing Series Tuesday, 8:30 PM EST 30 Min Hardcore - 2x Open Weekly Racing Series
Weekend Warriors - Midgets Tuesday, 8:30 PM EST 20 Min Expert - 1x Fixed HMS Midgets

Download the rulebook in PDF format here.